Miracles Still Happen

Our first, and one of our toughest rescues was Chuy. A mile from the town of Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Chuy was either dumped or wandered up the mountain in search of help. Red mange covered his starving little body, he was 4 months old. A kind Mexican working at the LaPasada Rock Climbers Campground took him in. FAR was working out of a truck at the time, so Chuy hung out with all the climbers hoping for a permanent home. Enter Leigh and Paul from Oregon an the love affair began. They were committed to giving Chuy a better life with them from the moment they saw him. The US border is easy to cross with a dog in a car, but not to fly. You need a health certificate, human plane ticket, cage and transport. All doable, but expensive, plus Chuy was not 100% recovered. He still looked pretty rough. But Leigh and Paul were determined, they wanted only Chuy. So “Saving Chuy” began. FAR drove him to San Antonio, got his health certificate (a miracle in itself), a cage and a VERY pricey plane ticket. Chuy arrived in Oregon for Christmas 2011 and his new life with two devoted people began.











Found in a garbage pit, 3 weeks old this little puppy now known as G had almost no hope of survival. Fiona Animal Refuge was working out of a storefront with little space  but Director Dottie took him home and spent months nursing him back to health. G had serious mange, worms, no hair and no hope. Today because of FAR he is completely cured and travels with Dottie promoting the Refuge. He is her miracle.

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She was 4 weeks old running for her life down the street in Hidalgo. Some sicko that thought it was ok to cut off this babies nose, ears and tail with scissors. Thank God we got a phone call and were able to catch her. Because of the severity of her wounds were knew Fiona Animal Refuge would be unable to help her. She was having a great deal of trouble breathing so we put her story on Facebook and a vet in Long Island New York offered to treat her if we could get her there. After many difficult surgeries, a new mom, and a new name, PiPi is living the dream life in Texas.


Negro appeared one day and never left. He had no teeth but still liked to fight. We castrated him and he settled down for 5 years of a great life. One day, his little heart stopped  but he will always be loved.





amie-passagesAmie was the first dog we spayed. She gave us a good lesson. We took her home after one day and her wound became infected.  We nearly lost her.  We learned that we need to keep patients for a week in the clinic so they can heal and have a better chance at survival. She lived a good long life and was loved by a very poor family. They even took her when they moved house. RIP my  beautiful girl.



boxer-passagesOur little Boxer Girl fought so hard for her life. Chained up for years to breed,  we brought her to the Fiona Animal Refuge and planned to give her a better life. Alas, it was not meant to be. She developed breast cancer and crossed over the rainbow bridge to a place where there is no sickness. We miss her.


sparky-passagesWe never knew where Sparky came from but,  like so many dogs in El Potrero Chico,  one day he was just there. Twenty-five pounds of white fur, this blue eyed feral dog  trusted no one.  He stayed close to the dominant male Floppy for protection. He would stay on my doorstep at night, getting fed but never getting close. He was beautiful!!! As the years went by Sparky learned about love. He would come home battered and bruised and sleep in the house. Sparky liked the ladies-both two legged and four legged. A few people wanted to adopt him but he was just too wild. When I arrived in Mexico for the 2012 season,  Sparky was very sick. Life is tough for a little dog and he was getting old. FAR treated him as best we could but dogs know when its their time.  One cold winter day,  he just went away. I searched but never saw him again. We were blessed to have known him-a true wild dog.