ANN RAMSEY received her Ph.D. from Columbia University. She retired from academic life to pursue her love of rock climbing and yoga dance. Ann divides her time between the Shwangunks of New York and El Potrero Chico Mexico. Determined to help the street dogs of Hidalgo, the Fiona Animal Refuge fulfills her lifelong dream to build a kinder, gentler world.

MICHELLE O’DEA is a native New Zealander who is a lover of fishing, gardening and hiking. She has a gift for helping those in need. Deeply moved by the plight of the abandoned animals in Mexico she joined Ann and Dottie as a founder of the Fiona Animal Refuge.

Yes people do spend their entire lives in Las Vegas. DOTTIE CROSS was one of the first woman blackjack dealers on the Strip. Passionate climber since 1992 she discovered the rock of Mexico and in 2004 saw firsthand the suffering of the local animals. In 2011 after finding Fiona chained to a tree starved to death she knew the rest of her life would be spent helping the forgotten dogs of Mexico.